In consultation with students, families, and educators in the area, a tutoring program was developed to  support the educational needs of children in math.  The Forest of Learning program is for students in JK to Grade 5.  

Its aim is to enhance the understanding of concepts from the Ontario math curriculum with a focus on application to its physical world and integration of material and spiritual reality.  Classes are led by youth aged 15+ who have gone through our training. 

Learning Materials

The Forest of Learning curriculum has been compiled in a workbook to help facilitate students’ learning. The lessons and activities found in the workbook help the children learn what numbers mean, how they can be manipulated, and how they can be used to help them understand the world around them. The first unit is devoted to understanding in more depth some spiritual qualities that are central to the process of learning including joy, generosity, and patience. This is followed by units on number sense, addition and subtraction, place value and rounding, multiplication and division, and fractions. With the help of a teacher, the students are assisted to understand mathematical concepts using math manipulatives and complimentary activities.


How often do the classes happen?

Once a week (Dates will be determined after registration)

Is there a fee for participation?

There is a one time $50 fee that covers the cost of the Forest of Learning Workbook and supplementary learning materials.